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    Founder, CEO


    Founder, CEO
  • Ofir & Moshe

    Prior to becoming a serial entrepreneur I was stuck in the typical 9-5 rut as an IT developer. After a decade of working for other people I decided
    to go solo and launched my first e-commerce site and in the process became a certified equipment dealer for HP, IBM and COSCO. 

    After moving to the R&D side in 2006, I decided to dive even deeper into the craziness and launched Peach, a local-based dating site.

    Later, he launched ClickWizard, providing fellow entrepreneurs a straightforward,all-in-one sales and lead follow-up platform.  

    While I was working on Peach, I met my business soulmate Ofir and we joined forces and launched Exite in 2010, which revolutionized the website building industry by taking an expensive, tiring and time-consuming process and simplifying it to provide quick, funky websites at affordable rates.

    After the tremendous success of Exite for over a decade, we have now launched a sexy new sidekick called ClickWizard, specifically designed to provide fellow entrepreneurs with a straightforward, all-in-one sales and lead follow-up platform.  

     My dirty little secret is, I can't live without gadgets and especially those ones that make my life easier, I’m a huge tennis fan and I love a good run.


    Design and aesthetics have always been very important to me ever since I was a young boy. I am a hobbyist photographer for many years because I love capturing the beauty in the world around me

    I have always been attracted to design, whether it's designer cars, designer homes or product designs, such as a custom-designed stereo system). 

    I began designing websites in 1999, specializing in brand new (at the time)exciting Flash technology.

    In 2000, I taught Design at Israel’s Open University, while also working as a freelance designer for large companies both in Israel and abroad. 


    In 2010, I joined Moshe to build a unique, easy and convenient management system for business owners. I used my eye for design and branding on all of the latest templates we offer, while Moshe is responsible for the backend development. 


    That being said, I love and appreciate the simple things in life. A cup of good coffee or a bowl of tasty hummus will do the trick.

    I’m also a huge animal lover, especially cats: I raise about 7-8 of them, depending on the day.

  • In 2006, Moshe met Ofir, who convinced him that the best way to show off his ideas - including a local dating site) was through the art of a well-designed website. While Ofir redesigned the site, and Moshe developed the HTML, they developed a budding partnership. 

    Since 2008, Moshe and Ofir have been working together as a team,
    and had the epiphany that all businesses need websites,
    but that they were hard to design and build - not to mention, expensive. 

    In 2010, Moshe and Ofir created the first version of ClickWizard (previously branded as eXite),
    and steadily won over customers thanks to its ease of use and flexibility, creating ready-to-launch sites in a matter of minutes.

    For the past 6 years, ClickWizard has been lucky to expand its reach to include other services,
    and works with remote teams across Germany, Thailand and Israel. 


    ClickWizard’s vision is to change the way that business owners think about digital space online,
    and not having to rely on expensive outsource companies, tricky and expensive
    (not to mention, numerous) plugins and platforms, and so-called experts. 

    The heart of our business is to cater to every entrepreneur’s needs. We know how it is! When we started almost 20 years ago, we had nothing but a big dream and a bunch of overpriced website tools. In our first venture, we create “Exite” which revolutionized the “website building” sector by creating template websites which were far superior to anything else out there. Since then, every venture, every website, every ClickWiz page we have created, has to meet our high standards of both stunning design and revolutionary affordable execution.

    Our current mission: Help our clients close sales like magic

    One platform - full control - minimum time.