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What can you do with ClickWizard ?

Create Followup Automations with your prospects.

Simply within the same Forms you already know.
  • Create Simple autoresponse emails to your prospects.
  • Set conditions based on audience types from your funnel.
  • Send Announcements to your list, based on automations.
  • Manage your audience from each automation.
.... All this can be done from the same place where your Landing page, site, and assets...

Customize your page design with endless options.
  • Choose the best structure for each page, no matter which template you pick.
  • Customize each page structure and branding, so you get a professional look.
  • Simply use our built-in structures options for each page.
  • Use the user-friendly interface to customize and build your pages.

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Create smart pop-ups!
  • Create smart pop-ups on each page individually.
  • Set a condition opennings for each pop-up.
  • Customize colors, background, appearance for each pop-up .
  • Embed videos, forms and images within each pop-up.
  • Increase conversion with smart triggering, based on user behavior.


Create and sell ANY Product!
  • Create and sell products within categories.
  • Upload bulk products with one-click.
  • Customize the look&feel of each product category.
  • Create custom attributes for product categories.
  • Offer discounts, coupons, sales within your website.
  • Customize shipping options with Cart discounts.

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Connect to your prefered payment gateway.
  • Create a single product-payment form that connects to your payment.
  • Connect your store to a prefered payment options.
  • Use multiple-connected form to integrate with mailing lists, CRM and more.

Manage your leads,customers,sales, in One single place.
  • No need to register to other platforms just to check your pop-up leads.
  • Check your leads performance in the same platform where your all digital assets are.
  • Get insights about your sales performance, bounced orders, completed orders, etc.

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Customize your mobile experience even more.
...Your website,landingpages,funnels are fully automatic resposive.....

But! this will blow you up...
  • Customize design to pixel-perfect your mobile look.
  • Choose the right fonts-size, menus,backgrounds for mobile visitors.
  • Choose which pages to hide on mobile/desktop, or even single paragraphs.
  • Adapt rich text, fonts size to mobile only.
  • Set your whatsAPP number to allow prospects to contact you directly from mobile.
    No extra widgets, installs or plugins needed!

Create A/B Variation for your landing pages!
  • Save money, time and effort on 3rd party solutions! 
  • Create multi variation for landing pages to test performance!
  • Choose a winner to continue serving the best landing page variation.
  • Design each variation with no limits.
    And a lot lot more!
    So why not take a free trial, no payment needed!

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