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Magically Max Your Sales, with ClickWizard.

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Automagically Increase Your Sales,
from First touch to Follow Ups

Create leads, sales and even segmented follow ups, all in one place! It’s a cheaper, more streamlined solution for every business owner - and it's free for 14 days!


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Save Time, Budget and Effort on One Solution, Not Multiple Ones

There’s no need to invest so much money in so many different plugins, apps and online solutions: ClickWizard gives you everything you need to start closing sales for your business, in one place. 

Here’s how much you could be investing, just to create a sales funnel, every month: 

  • Page builder software monthly cost: $100

  • Graphic designer monthly cost: $3000

  • Software developer: $4000

  • Payments software/plugin: $20

  • Autoresponse platforms: $97

  • Optimization and reporting platforms: $197

  Total cost minimum: $7,500

Close Sales Like Magic.

Access a wider audience and close more sales - replace the need for graphic designers, software developers and other unnecessary, expensive hires needed with ClickWizard.

Actionable Insights with a Wave of Your Hand

ClickWizard’s comprehensible, intuitive analytics dashboard magically gives you everything you need to see how you're performing- and tweak it to make it convert even better! 

You could say it’s where the magic happens. 

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What ClickWizard Can Do for You:
  1. Slash your sales costs

  2. Run your sales funnels on autopilot

  3. Increase your sales ROI in just 1-click 

  4. It evolves alongside your business


Fully Integrated with Top Sales Tools

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your social followers.

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  • I didn't want a generic-looking WordPress website...thanks ClickWizard!  


    Michael weiss,

  • My sales results have been insane - they’re up by 57%.

    Orit Cochavi,
    Interior designer.

  • ClickWizard is pro-level. Our landing pages are super easy to create, and super effective.

    Oren Cohen,
    Kolot studios.

    My leads increased massively after I started using really was like magic! 

    Tali levi,
    Real Cure. 

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